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  • Solix, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Sivic Solutions Group - View Press Release
  • SSG developed a comprehensive web-based county/state financial information system and also operates 350 county-based time studies in a large Midwestern state
  • SSG is providing cost allocation, time studies and Medicaid/Title IV-E revenue management services to multiple state agencies
  • SSG rewrote a cost allocation plan (CAP) for five (5)large state agencies and continue to provide CAP consulting services to enhance efficiencies in state agency administrative claiming
  • SSG completed two projects to identify and obtain reimbursement for Title IV-E Candidates for Foster Care, and another two projects to claim additional Medicaid administrative reimbursement
  • SSG provides Medicaid Claiming Services to statewide clients in District of Columbia, Kentucky, Missouri and Pennsylvania and the 11th largest school district in the nation (Orange County, Florida) and the 3rd largest (Chicago), most of New Mexico school districts and number of districts in Florida, Kentucky, New York and South Carolina
  • SSG partners with many fortune 500 firms to provide specialized consulting services to meet client needs in federal program recoveries